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Zen/Asian Inspired

Asian fountains come in a wide variety of shapes and styles. When a fountain is of Asian Inspiration, there are a few primary accents you will find. Asian Inspired fountains usually include a pagoda, or bamboo features, or buddha inspirations. Asian Fontains can help you complete the feng shui in your garden or even in your home with indoor fountains. There are Buddha fountains, pagoda fountains, bamboo fountains, and sleek and modern fountains that bring pure Zen into your setting. There are small tabletop fountains, perfect for an office, as well as large fountains that are perfect for meditation.

The style of these fountains brings more than just a zenful appeal, but an artistic appeal as well. The graceful nature and stunning design of these fountains will add the perfect focal point to your indoor or outdoor setting. The materials range from ceramic to cast stone to fiberglass, all with different and unique qualities. If you are looking for a more natural fountain, to help complete feng shui, we suggest you select a fountain made from cast stone. Our cast stone fountains are made in the United States and are composed out of raw materials that come from nature instead of fiberglass materials that are constructed from machines.

These fountains are the perfect creative feature for your garden or home setting. They are so beautiful and detailed, that they are sure to add a calming yet exciting feature to your setting at the same time! If you do not have room out in your garden for water feature, consider a small addition like a tabletop buddha fountain. This is an easy way to starting bringing the outdoors in and reaping the benefits of a soothing water feature in your kitchen, living room, or bedroom.

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