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Water Education's online water encyclopedia contains vetted information about the places, people and topics key to water in the West from an objective source.

Alphabetical List of Subjects

Water From A to Z

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Historical Water People

Who’s who of water and the West.

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Historical Timelines

Chronologies and timelines of some of the West's major water sources.

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Video Gallery

View photos from Waterpedia entries. Topics include Western rivers, Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, Central Valley Project, Hoover dam, levees , floods, California dams and more.

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Directory of Water Interests

View a list of Western water resources and agencies.

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Useful Acronyms

Everyone loves a good acronym. Unless, of course, you can’t figure out what they mean. This handy list will help. If you need help with their definitions, you can find some of them at our online water encyclopedia, Waterpedia.

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About Waterpedia

Aquapedia centers on resource articles supplemented with photos, videos, interactive maps and other online tools, which provide background and context to understanding the West's complex water issues.

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How Much Does a Cloud Weigh?
Do clouds have any weight at all? After all, don't they float like a balloon in the air filled with[...]
California Water Use Efficiency
The California program known as “turf and toilet” is financed by the Proposition One water bond, which was approved by[...]
California Rainfall Deficit
Will the upcoming rainy season put a big dent into California’s precipitation deficits? The answer is only with lots and[...]
Hoover Dam Illuminated
Hoover Dam "Lit Up" Turquoise To honor National Women’s Lung Health, the American Lung Association’s LUNG FORCE collaborated with partners[...]
Nevada Water Data Set
A rasterized image of depth to groundwater dataset for Nevada. The origin of this dataset is a statewide watertable contour[...]
Watersheds and Rivers
Watersheds & Rivers It is very simple to explain why rivers exists on Earth— gravity! You've familiar with "water seeks[...]

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The People

Learn about the folks who made water history

The Places

Learn about the places in the West water made possible