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Themed Fountains are available in a variety of different shapes, sizes and themes.  Themed fountains are a great option when your outdoor decor either already has an existing decor, think zen inspired garden statuary and planters filled with simple succulents or when you want to create a theme for your outdoor space. Themed water features make great gifts when you know a loved once has a specific interest in mind.

When browsing our themed water features, consider the current space you have to work with.  If you live in the south west, our broken pot themed fountains make great choices to blend seemlessly with your existing decor.  For northern states, themed black bear water features bring the known wildlife into your very own back or front yard.

Animals make up some of the best themed water decor. One of the most popular animals on a fountain are lions. Lions were very popular in historical French fountains and are still very popular in water features today. Garden fountains decorated with lions often feature water flowing out of the mouth into a large basin below. Animal fountains are a wonderful to celebrate you favorite animal, whether it be a frog, lion, or dog, there are hundereds of types of animal fountains available.

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