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A statue is a three dimensional piece of artwork. A mythical statue adds a new element, a whimsical piece of the decorative puzzle.  A mythical statue is a statue that involves imaginary creatures. They can be playful and adorable or dark and scary. There are many different types of mythical garden statues and we have just what you are looking for to complete your garden.

Dragons are an exciting and elusive animal. Many legends have been passed downf rom the beginning of time involving dragons. Children love dragons as they appear in many modern movies. Adding them to your garden can great a low lying garden accent then can be whimiscal and playful. Dragons can also be a dark, protective garden statue that will add a bit of mystery to any outdoor landscape. Gargoyles are also dark creatures that make very excellent accents during the Halloween months or even month after month. These creatures are said to protect any space and are said to ward off evil. Place them in secretive locations to suprise and maybe even slightly frighten garden guests or unwanted intruders!

Gnome and Fairy Gardens are becoming more and more popular. Gnomes are magical little statues that are said to grown within gadens and help the growth of plants and flowers. Gnomes can be playful and delightful or onomious and over taking. Create a gnome garden by using gnome houses and homes along with the gnome walls. After creating their home, place a small garden gnome family within the confines of their new home. Add winged statues, fairies, to add a playful element.

There are many other types of mythical statues to choose from. These garden statues range in size from small to large. These delightful creates can even be brought inside your home, imagine creating a beautiful gnome village on your own fire place. Decorate for the holidays with garland and lights or even for thanksgiving with leaves and cool autumn colors.Place this wonderful statues in your home for a unique focal point, or in a flower bed or patio for a stunning accent!

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