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An animal statue can range from large to small, from frogs to lions, and from indoor to outdoor. These statues can be very heavy to less than a pound. Animal statues have a broad range in style, from very life like to more animated and creative.

Some animal statues may be placed to honor or remember a lost pet, we offer a wide selection of dogs, cats, bunnies, amphibians, and exotic animals. Other animal statues may be placed to create a fun and unique focal point, or to surprise a guest into thinking it is a real animal!

Animal Statuary comes in a range of materials. Cast stone animals are often heavier, but you can choose from a variety of patinas for your item. These will weather naturally, creating a wonderful finish over time that will be totally unique to your statue. There are fiberglass and resin statuary as well. These are often painted to look more lifelike, and are significantly lighter in weight than a cast stone piece of the same size range.

These statues can be placed in a flower bed for an exciting accent. They can be used on a patio for a fun visual treat. They can also be used inside as a decoration for a shelf, or perhaps combining two statues to create great bookends! No matter how you use a statue, it will add a perfect touch!

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