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Stainless Steel/Copper

Stainless steel and copper fountains are modern and contemporary creations that can blend seemlessly with any decor. These water features often have reflective surfaces that look beautiful with the combination of water flowing. Many of the water features in our collection are framed out in these beautiful metal materials and feature colorful designs displayed inside.

Our wall fountains made out of stainless steel and copper can often either be hung upon a wall and will compliment a doctors office or home well. Others can be placed on the ground and can even be placed outdoors to be enjoyed by all of your outdoor guests.

Slate and rock textures are also incorporated into many of our metal framed wall fountains.  These natural textures look absolutely beautiful as water dances along the ridges and falls into the shiny basin. Adding a stainless steel or copper fountain to your outdoor or indoor space will create the perfect combination of nature.

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