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A square shape is unique to the gardening world, where the majority of planters are round. Square containers come in the same materials as round pots, but create a different shape and look for your setting. A four sided shape is perfect for corners, or creating a geometric pattern. Square planters are a modern and contemporary garden accessory. These planters are known for bringing a less classical feel to your outdoor area. We strive to bring you a large assortment of square pots, from large commercial sizes to small indoor pots. We provide many different color selections from stained patinas from cast stone, to brightly colored ceramic and glazed options.

Square planters are a good option for setting defined outdoor rooms in your outdoor area. Placing these square containers on the edges of walkways and pathways can give a dimension of one room ending, like your vegetable garden and leading into your outdoor sitting area. Square planters can also be easily used indoors. Most homes have square corners and rooms. Planters can easily fit into these areas and silk flowers and plants can be placed indoors. Our planters are all crafted from top materials, designed to be durable and strong, while also creating a stunning focal point and wonderful home for your favorite flowers and foliage!

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