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Advantages of a Solar Fountain
Solar fountains are the perfect choice for many outdoor settings. When looking to add a garden fountain to an area where an electric outlet is not accessible, Solar Fountains can be the perfect option. Solar Fountains can easily be placed in any area, but work especially well when they are placed in an area they gets direct sun light for most hours of the day. Solar Fountains are just like any other electric fountain and have the same beautiful details. Solar Fountains help you keep your electric bill down while also doing something very good for the environment.

How Solar Fountains Work
Solar fountains work by being placed in direct sunlight. The solar panel in a fountain can often be placed directly in the bowl or pedestal of a solar fountain. When ont placed directly in the fountain, long cords are often attached to solar fountains to that the actual solar panel can be hidden away from the fountain to keep the beauty of the fountain in tact. You should know that solar fountain often do not work when the sun is out, because a lot of power is needed to run the fountains, only when direct sunlight is available do the fountains have enough solar power to run. There are solar fountains that are available that do run on demand and store power for nighttime running. We suggest you research a fountain to make sure it meets all of your demands.

Caring for Solar Fountains
Caring for solar fountains is just like any electrical fountain. You will need to check the water feature to make sure that there is enough water in a fountain. If there is not enough water, the pump of a solar fountain can still burn out. Make sure there is no debris lying in your solar fountain as this can clog the outdoor fountain and cause issues with it running in the future. It is suggested that you bring solar fountains indoors during freezing tempatures to ensure they last as long as possible.

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