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Pool/Pond Spitters

Pond spitters are a great alternative to garden fountains if you have an existing fountain or pond you would like to add a decorative feature to. Pond spitters are made out of many different kinds of material. From cast stone water features that are plummed for connection to an existing pond or fiberglass or iron spitters that are great to go and just need to be hooked up. Using an exiting pond or pool of water keeps down the cost of adding a water feature to your backyard. Pond spitters are available in many different shapes, but our favorite are the animal spitters. Water spurts out of the mouth of a fish or dolphin and creates a delicate sound.

You will need a pump to follow water up through spitters. Are spitters are simply statues that are ready to be made into water features. Our Pond spitters do not come with pumps because the flow or water that will run through your pond spitters will depend on pool or pond they are added to. You should keep in mind that pond spitters should only be powerful enough to shoot water to the center of your pool or pond. Have a pump that is too strong for your pool or pond can cause water to flow outside of the pond and onto your concrete or paved walkways. This can cause a slipping danger for children or elderly walking around your pond.

Adding more than one spitter can be a great idea for larger ponds. You can easily direct pond spitters to shoot at one another, almost like they are at play in the water. Spitters should be taken care of just like any other self contained water fountain. You will need to make sure that the pumps for spitters are cleaned properly especially when leaves from trees fall into ponds. You should also be sure to take proper care and winterize your pond spitters just as your would any other garden fountain.

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