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Planting in Garden Urns can add height to your landscape setting. They are available in many different materials, ranging from very heavy cast stone to much lighter fiberglass materials. Garden Urns can be very ornate or sculpted to add a beautiful enhancement to your setting. Urns can add a great focal point to your outdoor area when filled with beautiful flowers and foliage.

When adding an urn to your decor, you should consider the type of material. Cast stone urns are often quite heavy which can make them difficult to move after initial placement. When placing your cast stone urns, make sure to place these planters in a location you will be pleased at looking at for many years as they do last a lifetime. If you live in an area where you experience very harsh winter or strong winters you should consider the material you choose carefully. Before finding the perfect urn, you may want to consider the plants or flowers you are looking to plant. Certain flowers and plants will need more room than others so you may want to first choose your gardening plants. You will always need to make sure your planters can drain properly for healthy flowers.

Urns are a very traditional garden planter. Urns are often in a shape that is very similar to vases. You can think of the urns you place in your garden to be much like the vases you would place your every day gift of roses in to decorate the dining room table. Urns are very popular shapes for the garden because they are known to be very decorative and can easily stand alone in the garden or when placed atop pedestals.

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