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Cast Stone Sets:
Cast Stone Sets are a great choice for planters. Cast Stone weathers naturally, so your sets will vary in shades, making them the perfect complement to one another. Often these sets come in varying sizes as well, which is great, because it adds dimension and unity to your setting.

Glazed and Ceramic Planter Sets:
Glazed Planter Sets are unique because they vary so much in shape and color. The sets often come with several different sizes so they create a cohesive garden look. There are so many different colors to choose from, that it is impossible not to find a shade that is just perfect for your décor.

Other Materials:
Garden-Fountains.com offers planter sets made from materials like terra cotta pottery, fiberglass, and lightweight materials as well. These materials are all durable and blend seamlessly into most decors, creating a unified look for your garden space.

Small and Large Sets:
Planter Sets can range in size from small pots to very large pots. Some sets only include a small size, while other sets come in a range of sizes. There are sets that contain only two planters, while other sets come with five or more pots in them. This flexibility allows you to find a set that will fit into your landscape, meet your price needs, and give you the desired look you hope to achieve.

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