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Picnic/Wine Accessories

Planning the Perfect Picnic can be very easy with a few helpful tips and ideas. Whether you are just begining or have be picnicing for years, we have some receipts, tips on safety when it comes to the food you choose, and even ideas for planning one of those romanttic picnics you only see in the movies! It doesn't matter where you live or picnic, whether it be a local state park, the beach, mountains, or on the high desert, just getting away for a few moments with the ones you love can be a beautiful event. Imagine shipping away at your favorite glass or wine while enjoy that wonderful Brie dip you have just made. Many of our ideas come straight from you, our readers! so feel free to contact us if you have some ideas we have missed or just to share your experiences.

The Food you Bring
Be sure to read our informational pages regarding what you are going to pack to eat on your picnic. You don't want to have your loved ones and friends getting a food bug and ruin the entire trip. Our collection of delicous receipes will please just about anyone, even if its your picky children! Heading out to the country from the city, or maybe even your own back yard has never been so enjoyable or easy with our backpacks and accessories. Made of the highest quality, you are sure to enjoy many many picnics and they make exceptional gifts too!

Annversaries & Picnicing
Coming from experience, we loaded our newly purchased wine backpack for our 8th anniversary. From crackers to spinich dip, garlic roasted chicken strips and a chilled bottle of wine from a local winery, we made the trip to the Castille Verde Monument located in the hills of Californa. After hiking down to a stream, we enjoyed the views of nature and the gentle gurgle of the stream. As we enjoyed our freshly packed picnic, we talked about the past and the future. After our wonderful picnic, we became huge believers in the versatility in picnicing for any occassion, even anniversaries. Who needs to spend over a hundred dollars on a nice dinner, when we can enjoy the calm serenity of mother nature and a delicious meal.


We Hope you take the time to browse around and find some wonderful ideas for your own picnic. Tell all your friends and they will join in on the picnicing fun!

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