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Why use pot feet?

Pot feet are used to keep your decorative outdoor statuary and pots up off of the ground.  Pot feet come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be used for a couple of different reason.  Pot feet are often used to keep ventilation in pots that are planted.  They also lift a pot up off of the ground during the winter months.  This helps to keep a planter that may receive water from freezing to the ground and cracking. Pot feet are also used for simple decoration.  Some are comical, classic, and some even just plain.

Why use Pedestals?

Many outdoor enthusiants underestimate the usage of pedestals. Pedestals are great for many reasons.  They can bring loved statuary up to eye level.  Statuary sometimes gets lost in the greens and blooms of a garden, pedestals bring them above the plants and allows them to be seen.  Risers for planters turn every day planters into magestic planted beauties.  When placed at the entry way to a garden, patio, or driveway  pedestals turn every urns and pots into showcased items.

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