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Pedestals/Pot Feet

Pedestals and pot feet are perfect for showcasing your favorite pieces of garden statuary or your favorite urn. Placing pedestals under your favorite planter or urn will not only give your garden or landscape depth and dimension, but it will also allow you to view your favorite garden accent from any window. Pedestals are also a wonderful way to showcase your favorite garden statuary. For overgrown style gardens, pedestals work very well for pushing beautiful garden accents above your garden plants and greens.

Pedestals are a great way to lead vistors into your home or garden. Placing detailed urns atop pedestals gives an entranceway a grand look and feel. Pot feet are great for picking your urn and containers up off of the ground. Pot feet are a great way to keep planters and urns off of the ground during the winter. Making sure your pots and planters are off of the ground during winter is very important. When freezing tempatures approach, plants should be kept off of the ground to avoid any freezing to the ground that can occur. When planters freeze to the ground, your planters and pots can easily crack. Many manufacturers often suggest putting shims of wood under your planters, instead try a more decorative approach and look for pot feet that will enhance your planters.

Pot feet and pedestals that match your planter can be ordered in the same finish as your planter to help them blend together easily. We often suggest ordering your pedestals and pot feet at the same time as your planter as many finishes/patinas are hand applied, and consistancy in the finishes of your pieces will be very important. When considering a pedestal it is very important to ensure that the base of your planter can fit on top of your pedestal. Our customer service team can help your determine if a pot will fit on top of a pedestal if they are not already shown together in a photo.

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