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Styles of Outdoor Garden Water Fountains

There are many different styles and types of fountains for your garden. Ranging from classic fountains that have a tiered shape, where water will flow from one layer to another to very modern fountains that have sharp, sleek clean lines where water flows in a single stream into a larger basin, garden fountains are available for any outdoor decor. Choosing a style for your garden fountain should depend on your own personal taste as well as the style of your garden. You will want to make sure that if you have existing garden accents such as planters or statues, that your garden founain will complement those existing features. For classic statues like religious figurines or simple urns, Classic Tiered Garden Fountains typically work the best. For modern rock gardens in desert locations, more contemporary fountains that have sleek lines and very little detailing will help keep your water feature in tune with your existing landscape.

Materials of Outdoor Garden Fountains

Water features for the garden can be made out of many different materials. The most popular materials are cast stone, fiberglass, resin, or glass fiber reinforced concrete. The material you choose for your fountain will depend on the look and need you desire. Cast stone fountains are heavier and may require additional help for installation, but they provide a water feature that will have a very long life and will weather naturally. Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete fountains are an alternative material that will require less help for installation as the composite material allows the garden fountain to be lighter in weight, but still durable with its concrete counterparts. Fiberglass fountains are very light in weight and easy to move around your outdoor space when you want to change up your landscape or bring the fountain indoors for winterizing.

Appearance of Outdoor Fountains:

Outdoor Fountains are a growing trend in many backyards and landscapes. The element of water is known to add relaxation to just about an outdoor area. These fountains are often used to help drown out unwanted outdoor nosies such as neighbors, heavy traffic, or barking dogs. In addition to the sounds they make, outdoor fountains can add a focal point to an empty backyard or even front yard. Planting flowers or pots near your outdoor water features will help brighten up a space and make it an inviting garden accent.

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