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Fiberglass planters are great alternative planters for any outdoor area. These containers are made to withstand all weather conditions. Their construction makes them a much lighter weight alternative to cast stone planters which can be quite heavy when you are looking for large containers. Lightweight planters and containers are often not available in many different finishes. The coloring for Fiberglass planters is infused directly into the product when it is made. This limits the availability of colors available for fiberglass products.

Lightweight containers make moving your garden and outdoor space around a cinch! With lightweight containers you can easily move you pots around depending on how they are planted.  Some backyard plants may need more sunlight than others, lightweight pots give you the flexability to be able to move them around when you change your seasonal planting. 

With many different shapes, sizes, and colors lightweight plants are a great option for any space.  Whether you have a small balcony you want to grow herbs on or a very large backyard that needs a few strategically placed containers to give it a pop of color, fiberglass planters are a great option and require very little maintenance

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