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Commerical garden planters are larger in size and are typically used for commerical locations like hospitals, courtyards, parks, businesses or other large outdoor spaces. These planters can hold a great deal of plants and flowers and make a wonderful choice for outdoor locations. Commercial sized planters are made out of many different types of materials.

Cast stone commerical garden planters are often the best choice for outdoor areas where planters will not be able to be maintained frequently. Cast stone planters can be stained in your choice of finish or patina. This allows you to choose the best option for blending or creating the best outdoor design for your client. When ordering multiples of cast stone planters from one manufacturer, we are often able to help you work up a quote for your client. Please contact us before purchasing for any multiple quantity discounts.

Ceramic or glazed commerical sized planters are great for interior designs as well as landscape architects. These planters are very colorful and bright and can be the perfect accenting piece for your client. Large in size, ceramic planters can be placed by a front door and used as an accenting piece or even for placing wet umbrellas when you walk in the front door. Ceramic planters can be the best choice when you client has a specific design theme they are going after.

Glass fiber reinforced fiber concrete planters are a great choice when looking for commerical or large planters. These planters are made out of a composite material that includes cast stone and fiberglass fibers. This allows the planters and pots to be lighter in weight and allows them to be moved from location to location when necessary.

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