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One of the best advantages to wall fountains are their space saving design. Whether you are searching for a fountain to create a relaxing environment in your work space or maybe just a water fountain to excite a blank wall, indoor wall fountains are a great option. There are many different materials wall fountains are available in. When looking for indoor water features, you should always be sure to consider what type of surface you are going to be mounting the fountain upon. Lightweight fountains that are made out of resin or fiberglass are often the best choice when looking to hang a fountain indoors. When preparing to hang the fountain, you should make sure to find a stud in the wall and use anchors when screwing into the wall as additional weight will be added once the fountain is filled with water.

There are many different types of indoor wall fountains. A hanging indoor fountain is often the best choice for its space saving design, but indoor wall fountains are also great options when you are looking to divide an indoor space. Tall mirror or slate floor wall fountains are a great option for this. You can easily place the fountain in between two rooms, such as a dining and living room to create the allusion of two separate spaces, all while adding the serene sounds of flowing water. Art wall fountains are another wonderful indoor option. These decorative hanging pieces of art are great for a completely blank slate. They can easily become the center focal point in any room with their eye catching designs as well as their soothing, tumbling brook sounds.

You should always be aware that indoor wall fountains may still splash. After installing, be certain to check the surrounding area where you fountain is placed for any small water spots. Over time, these small spots can acculumate and may become a hazard. Many times adding decorative rocks, or turning down the speed of a pump can easily resolve any splashing issues. For this reason, unless a fountain is specifically designed for indoor use, we caution you from placing in an indoor location.

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