How Much Does a Cloud Weigh?

cloud weighed on a kitchen scale.Do clouds have any weight at all? After all, don’t they float like a balloon in the air filled with helium? If you attach a helium balloon the the platform of a kitchen scale it wouldn’t register any weight at all, so why would a cloud? To answer this, let me ask if you think atmospheric air has any weight, this is actually the more important question. Are you familiar with air pressure the tool known as a barometer are? If yes, then you understand that air DOES carry weight. At 0′ (sea level), the weight, or pressure, of air is approximately 14.5  lb.. PSI (1 km per sq. centimeter).

If air has weight, then it must also possess density, which is the weight of a chosen volume, for example cubic inches or cubic meters. If clouds consist of particles, then they must possess weight and density, correct? The answer to why clouds seemingly “float” lies in the density of the sheer volume of cloud material, being less than the density of a similar amount of dry air. As oil floats above H2O because it possesses less density, clouds seemingly “float” on the air due to the moister air in clouds possessing less density than dryer air.