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There are many different types of hanging bird feeders.  Hanging feeders are a great choice when you have limited space and are unable to put a birdbath into your garden or a great option when you want to attract different types of wild life.

Wall Mounted Hanging Feeders
These types of bird feeders are a good choice if you have an empty wall or fence.  They are often decorative in nature and are not yout typically wood style feeder. They provide a space where you can simply add bird feeder to attract visitors and a place for them to a rest while the birds grab a quick snack.

Tree Hanging
These types of bird feeders feature a rope or string from which the feeder would hang. There different types of these bird feeders.  They range from port type feeders that feature multiple spaces where birds are able to feed to simple bird houses where birds can go inside to find a place to rest from the elements and make nests.

Caged Hanging FeedersCaged hanging feeders are a good option for keeping the bird seed safe from other animals entering.  These feeders are also hung so birds are able to easily enter.

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