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Why Choose a Glass or Mirror Wall Fountain:

When you think of a mirror, you often think of it being indoors only, used to open up spaces. Mirror and Glass Wall fountains can have the exact same effect whether placed inside of your home or outside. When positing inside, Mirror Wall Fountains make a great water feature for small rooms with very closed off rooms. Not only will the reflection of the room seem like an optical illusion, but the wall fountain will actually make the room appear larger. In addition to making the room look larger, it will add a sense of serenity and calmness to a space that may seem a little too tight.

When used outdoors, Mirror and Glass Wall Fountains are a wonderful way of creating a divison between two outdoor rooms. You may decide to add a wall fountain in between your outdoor garden room and your outdoor sitting room. A Glass or Mirror Wall fountain works wonderfully for this set up because the water feature can be viewed from two sides, one while enjoying the serenity of your relaxing backyard, and one while you are working in the garden planting or picking vegetables or enjoying the beauty of your flowers.

Styles of Glass or Mirror Wall Fountains

Glass and Mirror Wall fountains are a contemporary garden element. These modern wall fountains are usually surrounded by copper framing or stainless steel framing. For the most modern look, we suggest the stainless steel framing as the calm gray framing makes a mirror wall fountain pop as water dances over the sheet of glass. Glass Wall fountains are available in either hanging water wall fountains or floor standing water elements so you are sure to be able to find one of these fountains that will work in the garden or indoors.

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