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GFRC is known as glass fiber reinforced fiber concrete. This means that the products are a composite material that includes cast stone as well as fiberglass fibers. This allows the product to be lighter but still very durable. GFRC products can be stained in the finishes offered by the manufacturer. This allows you to choose the perfect coloring for your outdoor location. When ordering GFRC planters in natural, your product will actually be white instead of a concrete coloring.

GFRC planters are a great choice for landscapers and contractors. These planters are lighter than concrete planters but are large in size making them excellent for large commerical locations such as hospitals, courtyards, new home construction, and businesses. Our GFRC planters are a great choice for landscaping and construction jobs because your order can be shipped directly to the work site. This cuts down on the time needed to gather materials to complete a job. We pride ourselves on working hard to work with landscapers and contractors. If you have multiple items you are looking to purchase, we are more than happy to provide with a quote and we may even be able to help the cost for multiple items from a single manufacturer shipping to one location.

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