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Ships via UPS

When searching for water features for your own home, you may come to realize that many of the larger water features are quite heavy and ship to your location via common carrier.  These cast stone and concrete fountains may not be the best choice for your location if you live in a condo or apartment.  Fountains that ship via UPS fall into two categories.

Lightweight Fountains
Fountains that ship via UPS are often made out of lightweight materials.  While these water features may be the perfect size of fit for a patio, balcony, or even backyard they are light enough to be able to manuever them around your outdoor space.  This allows you to create a new experience each and every season.  While durable, these features allow just about anyone to set them up and install them instead of hiring a landscaper like many concrete options require.

Tabletop Fountains
While most concrete fountains are classic large tiered water features, tabletop sized fountains allow concrete to be placed into any space without the use of an installer.  Our tabletop fountains range from lightweight materials such as fiberglass and resin to durable, heavy cast stone creations that can easily be placed on a patio table, in the garden, or even indoors. Tabletop fountains are small enough in size that they are able to ship to you via UPS, which often results in easier, faster shipping times!

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