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Advantages of Fiberglass Fountains:
Fiberglass fountains are a wonderful material to choose for a garden fountain. Garden fountains made from fiberglass are very easy to create, so there are many different types of designs that can fit any outdoor area. From a classical tiered fountain to a modern right angle type fountain. Outdoor fountains made from fiberglass are also very light in weight. This makes installing them and moving them later on a very easy task for any homeowner. Fiberglass is also a very easy to clean surface and works very well for areas that have hard water since the fiberglass is sealed and not porous like stone. There is also a cost benefit to fiberglass and lightweight fountains. Since they are much easier to make and ship, prices for lightweight fountains are often more budget friendly. Fiberglass and lightweight fountains are also able to withstand very hard and cold tempatures, but winterizing is still very easy as these fountains can be brought indoors very easily. A very sturdy material, fiberglass is very resistant to cracks, rust, and decay. Setting up fiberglass fountains is typically very simple. A pump simply needs to be added along with water and then plugged in.

Can you add Color to Fiberglass?
Fiberglass fountains often come in specific colors that are made as veneers to look like natural stone or metal. These veneers are often indistinguishable from actual cast stone or other materials. Fiberglass is so versatile that it can be made to look like wood, stone, or metal. This is another advantage of the many wonders of fiberglass fountains. Choosing a lightweight fountain does not limit you to a specific selection. There are many different varieties of fiberglass fountains that can be used as indoor water features or outdoor fountains.

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