Colorado River Water Year 2001

Water Year 2001 Details

  • The UCOL summary report (USGS Circular 1214) was published in April 2001. Contact study unit personnel for a copy of this report. A pdf version of the summary report is available in the “publications section“.
  • Two UCOL surface water sites were selected for inclusion in the NAWQA Cycle II Trends Network (see map below). This network replaces the low intensity phase sampling network of NAWQA Cycle I.Site 09163500, Colorado River at Colorado-Utah state line is the outlet of the study unit. The site is an integrator for all land-use and anthropogenic affects on water quality.

    Dry Fork of Roan Creek, station 09095300, was chosen as a reference site for the Colorado Plateau physiographic province. There is a small amount of ranching in the basin, but the site is representative of small streams in the region. This site was operated during the HIP of 1996-1998 and was reestablished in November 2000 as part of the surface water trends network.

  • Data collected at these sites were published in the 2001 Annual Data Report. This report is available as a pdf file
    • WY 2001
      • Colorado River at Colorado-Utah State Line page 284 of the pdf file
      • Dry Fork of Roan Creek page 208 of the pdf file
  • Field notes, data, and publications produced during the Cycle I high intensity phase of the UCOL are being indexed and archived for future use.