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When using a Ceramic container for planting, always remember to bring it indoors during harsh winter weather. These temperatures can cause the pot to break and crack. Proper care for your planters allows them to last, creating an attractive appearance and providing a wonderful home for your foliage. Ceramic containers and pots are great for adding a pop of color into your garden or inside of your home. These colorful planters can be the perfect addition.

When purchasing a planter, be sure to account for the size and needs of the particular plant. The roots of the plants are bound inside the container, so they cannot get the nutrients that plants outside of pots can. This means you should frequently fertilize plants, to make up for the lack of natural nutrients.  These planters will also need to be watered frequently, but be sure the pot has proper drainage to avoid over-watering. Ceramic Planters are able to retain water very easily, so be sure to check your plant often to avoid rotting.

Ceramic Planters are a wonderful choice for container gardening as they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. The bold and beautiful colors will add a wonderful “pop” of color to any setting. These pottery pots are often heavier, so be careful when moving them to a new location, as they can be broken easily. Ceramic planters are often sold in sets. The sets of planters may seem a bit overwhelming, but it is a great opportunity for you to get more for your money. When adding multiple glazed planters to your garden, you should consider the sizes of each of the planters. Using multiple sizes can allow you to add depth and dimension into your garden, no matter what your landscape is. Sets of planters are also excellent for gifting. The many sizes of planters and shapes from sets can be planted with colorful flowers or plants and given as gifts to loved ones for a unique present.

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