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Cast Stone

Garden Planters are a fun way to use containers as a functional and decorative decor in the garden. Choose from multiple styles of garden planters. Adding these planters anywhere in the garden, backyard, or on a deck/patio will accent any plants. Garden planters make great gifts! Buy planters in sets and save big!

Planters are one of the most basic of garden accessories. Planters can hold real or artificial plants, trees, shrubs, even vegetable or flower gardens can be grown in containers. Planting in planters is easy -- you have complete control of your soil, unlike planting in the ground. Many plants come already planted in plastic containers, cast stone containers are great beacause of their size.  You can easily take your preplanted shrub, bush, or plant and place it directly inside of the concrete planter to make for easy moving and caring for.

Outdoor Planters made of durable cast stone ensure your outdoor planters will last and look great for years to come. These concrete outdoor planters offer the look of genuine stone at a fraction of the cost of real stone outdoor planters. Buy an outdoor urn or container to add beauty and grace to any outdoor space

Indoor Planters can be used indoors for real or artificial plants, shrubs, or trees. When using indoor planters will real plants, be sure to protect the floor and surrounding furnishings from the water. Our cast stone planters come in many different shapes and sizes.  Whether you are looking to accent your driveway, front door, or even the kitchen, we are sure to have the perfect cast stone pot for your space!


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