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Cast Stone

Advantages of Cast Stone:
Fountains that are made from cast stone are durable and strong. Cast stone is better than natural stone because it is less porous and does not contain the air pockets that natural stone does. Water can also erode and damage natural stone. Cast stone creates a natural look that will wear naturally over time, aging quite beautifully. Cast stone fountains are also often referred to as concrete fountains, as they are made from a concrete material. Cast stone water features have an added benefit of being heavier in weight. These outdoor garden fountains can withstand heavy winds as well as frequent visits from children. Concrete fountaisn can also be ordered in the finish or patina from each manufacturer that best fits your outdoor area.

Cast Stone and Color:
The great thing about cast stone fountains is that they come in a wide variety of finishes. Being able to personalize your fountain, based upon the color, is important. This allows your fountain to blend into your garden setting, as well as appeal to your personal taste. It is always best to choose a color that works with your natural setting, and does not look out of place.

Cleaning Cast Stone Fountains:
It is important to keep your fountain is top condition to ensure it lasts. Maintaining the proper water level is important for the life of the pump of the fountain. Be sure to regularly clean out dirt, leaves, and debris from the fountain. You can use a mild cleanser and non-abrasive pad to gently clean algae from your fountain. You may consider placing mesh over your fountain pump to keep dirt from getting into your pump.

Care of Cast Stone Fountains
Cast stone fountains need to be winterized properly. This means that they should be drained for any tempatures that can potentially get below freezing. Removing the pump is a must during freezing tempatures along wth draining. Concrete outdoor fountains that cannot be brought indoors should always be covered with a fountain cover as well or other absorbent material. For full directions on how to winterize and care for cast stone fountains, please see our use and care section.

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