California Water Use Efficiency

The California program known as “turf and toilet” is financed by the Proposition One water bond, which was approved by California voters. It will carry out Governor Brown’s Executive Order of April on drought to further conserve water use in homes and buildings via replacement of more than ten million sq. feet of landscaping and upgrading water-wasting toilets.

D.W.R. will oversee the 2 rebate programs, which offer a one hundred dollar consumer rebate to discard one toilet per house and up to two dollars per square ft. for replacing lawns. More information at

State Agricultural Water Management Plans

There are an approximately 53 water suppliers that rise to the 25,001+ acre limit representing more than 4 million irrigated acres

There are an approximately 39 suppliers of agricultural water to 10,000 to 25,000 irrigated acres representing about 600,000 irrigated acres.

  • H2O providers >25,000 acres minimum and submitted – 40
  • H2O providers >25,000 acres minimum, notified DWR as in progress – 0
  • H2O providers > 25,000 acres minimum, not submitted – 14
  • H2O providers 10+ -25,000 acres minimum and submitted – 22
  • H2O providers 10+ -25,000 acres minimum, notified DWR as in progress – 8
  • H2O providers 10 + -25,000 acres minimum, not submitted – 9