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Bird Baths:
A Birdbath has a useful purpose in your outdoor setting. Birds that are natural to your area will find the birdbath a welcoming respite. They are sure to put on a fun and playful show for you and your garden guests with their fluttering and singing. Birdbaths also offer a charming touch to your décor. You can choose a short birdbath that sits on a patio or in a flower bed to provide a unique look. If you have an open garden setting, a tall and stately birdbath could create the perfect focal point! The material you choose for a birdbath totally depends on your own style and your conditions. If you are in a very windy place with harsh weather conditions, you may opt for a birdbath that is strong and hardy like cast stone. However, if you enjoy rearranging your settings frequently, a lighter weight material, like fiberglass, may be the best option for you.

Bird Feeders:
A birdfeeder is basically anything that is used to feed birds. This can be a hanging feeder, a feeder that sits on a pole or one that sits on the floor. These are great feature to not only care for your favorite feathered friends, but they will provide you with fun hours of entertainment as well. Birdfeeders can be made of wood, recycled plastic, metal, or cast stone.

Bird Houses:
Bird houses provide a safe place for birds to nest. There are many types of predators that hunt and pray on birds. Adding a birdhouse to your outdoor setting will give these creatures a place to raise their babies without the fear of being attacked. You will find that you will be rewarded with the fluttering and singing, and the joys of baby birds learning to fly! Bird house are made from wood, metal, and even recycled materials!

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