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Animal Inspired

Animal fountains add a wonderful whimsical touch to your garden setting. They bring a delightful focal point, especially when water is falling down over the animals, whether they are a small feature of the fountain, or the main finial! Animal fountains are the perfect accessory to your garden setting, adding playful focal point!

If you decide to add a fountain to your setting, an animal fountain may be a great choice for you, depending on the décor of your setting. Some fountains are all about the animal being portrayed, making the animal the main focal point, with water spurting out from their mouths. Other outdoor fountains are lower key, with animals as spigots running around the fountain.

What kind of Animals?
There are many different kinds of animals that are featured on fountains. A popular choice is the lion, as this is featured on backdrops of wall fountains, as spigots on large tiered fountains, or as decorative features on the fountain. Some of our most popular fountains include playful frogs, in meditation stances. Some fountains feature elephants, birds, turtles, frogs, and even alligators.

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