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Brand: Campania International

Campania International Wall Fountains are made from cast stone, otherwise known as concrete. These cast stone wall fountains are designed to last a lifetime and are available for ordering in tweleve different finishes/patinas. All Campania International Wall Fountains are created by talented artists and are either brand new designs created by artists in house, or are replications of antique pieces, whether it be wall fountains, garden fountains, or even simple plaques turned into beautiful water features.

Types of Campania Wall Fountains:
Campania makes two different kinds of wall fountains. The first is a hanging wall fountain. Cast Stone Hanging Wall fountains feature an area in the back of the fountain that has a hook. This hook is specifically designed to carry the weight of a Campania fountain so that it can be hung on the wall. The other style of Campania Wall Fountains are floor wall fountains. These Wall Fountains are designed to be positioned directly against a garden wall, backyard fence, or any other flat surface.

Why Buy Campania Wall Fountains:
Campania International Wall Fountains are beautiful works of art that are truly designed to withstand the test of time. The quality control that is implemented by Campania International ensures that you are getting a quality garden fountain. Each fountain comes complete with a recirculating pump and instructions that tell you exactly how to install your Campania Wall Fountain. The craftsmanship that goes into each of these wall water features makes them the best buy for your outdoor garden or landscape.

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