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Upcoming Tour

The Delta water projects face pumping restrictions. The Delta fish populations continue to crash. Studies of Delta conveyance are proceeding. Learn the latest about these and other issues on the Foundation’s June 4-6 Bay-Delta Tour.

Stops include the Delta Cross Channel, the State Water Project fish screens and the federal pumping plant, a water treatment facility, the Bay-Delta Model and Suisun Marsh. The tour begins and ends at Sacramento International Airport, and includes a ferry ride across San Francisco Bay.

The Foundation tour bus will head to the Hetch Hetchy Valley July 23-25. Tour participants will learn about how the system’s physical components; the interest in possibly restoring Hetch Hetchy Valley, a geologic twin to Yosemite Valley, to its natural state; and the capital infrastructure improvement projects underway. The tour includes visits to Sunol Water Temple, Don Pedro Dam and O’Shaughnessy Dam and Hetch Hetchy Reservoir. The tour begins and ends in San Mateo.

Registration fees for all tours are $625 each, single occupancy rooms or $1,050 for two people sharing a room. Click here for more information

Border Water Infrastructure Conference

Two nations, one border, two international rivers – the Colorado and the Rio Grande – offer the prospect of cooperative bi-national approaches to solving water infrastructure needs. Increasing population growth, drought and climate change will place greater stress on bi-national water resources. In the Colorado River system, new bi-national discussions are expected to identify cooperative opportunities for infrastructure projects to help mitigate future shortages. Meanwhile, the Rio Grande system is facing a backlog of rehabilitation work on existing international infrastructure together with desires for new project to help manage water more efficiently.

Opportunities for cooperatively building and financing such improvements and other potential projects in the 10 states that share the border will be the focus of a May-28-29 Border Water Infrastructure Conference sponsored by the Water Education Foundation and the California Department of Water Resources. Education sampleThe conference will be held at the Mission Valley Hilton in San Diego, 901 Camino del Rio South, 619-543-9000.

This bilingual conference will feature simultaneous Spanish-English translation.

Water Education Foundation Water Tours

The Water Education Foundation’s tours offer participants a firsthand look at the water facilities, rivers and regions critical in the debate about the future of water resources. Issues of water supply, water quality, environmental restoration, flood management, groundwater and water conservation are addressed by a wide range of speakers representing different viewpoints.

The tours are praised for being balanced, thorough and fun. Participants learn about local, state and federal issues from experts on all sides. Time for socializing and networking is included in the action-packed itineraries. 
Six tours will be offered in 2008. Tour registration fee includes transportation and lodging while on the tour, meals and background materials. Attorneys can earn continuing legal education credits for an additional fee. Water plant or wastewater plant operators also can earn California Department of Health Services continuing education credits.

The William R. Gianelli Water Leaders Class is a one-year program that identifies young community leaders from diverse backgrounds, including members of minority and ethnic communities, and educates them about water issues. The program enhances individual leadership skills and prepares participants to take an active, cooperative approach to decision-making about water resource issues. Leading stakeholders and top policy-makers serve as mentors to class members. Designed as a program for young working professionals, participation involves a time commitment from both the class member and his or her employer.

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William R. "Bill" Gianelli served as Assistant Secretary for the Army in charge of the Corps of Engineers from 1981 to 1984 and Director of the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) from 1967 to 1973 during major construction on the State Water Project. He began his career with DWR in 1946 and continues as a Consulting Civil Engineer. He is past president of the Water Education Foundation. He resides in Monterey, California. In 2002, he made a generous gift to the Water Leaders Class as an investment into the future of water resources management.

The William R. "Bill" Gianelli Water Leaders Class is primarily funded through grants, with partial support from tuition fees. Tuition is $2,500 for the year-long program, which helps to cover attendance at Foundation events. Each year, some scholarship funding is available for several members. To contribute to the Water Leaders Class, contact Beth Stern.

The Water Education Foundation offers a variety of programs to teach our students, our future voters and leaders, about one of the most critical issues – water. The programs teach students about the history, geography and science of water. Students also learn about the difficult political and policy decisions surrounding this complex issue. Education re-creationFoundation programs are suitable for students in grades K-14. In addition, the Foundation serves as the California coordinator for national Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) K-12 program. 
All Foundation classroom materials are consistent with the standards of the California State Frameworks for Science and History/Social Science. The Foundation’s education director is available to conduct teacher training workshops in the use of our school programs. This service is free to those organizations that purchase 20 or more school programs. Teacher workshops can help your organization meet its Best Management Practices requirements. Contact Judy Maben for more information about such workshops.

Pat Brown Documentary
The Project

The Pat Brown Documentary film will unravel a classic American tale: the story of former California Governor Edmund G. "Pat" Brown, who against all odds rose to hold the state’s highest office and shaped the future of the largest and most powerful state in the country. The filmmakers, producer Hilary Armstrong and award winning director-producer Saa Rice, offer a unique perspective as Pat Brown’s granddaughters.

By examining the life and legacy of the man who historians agree ushered California into the modern era, a compelling brand of politics will be revealed. In particular, the film will follow Pat Brown's crusade to build the California Aqueduct and his epic battle against the death penalty. As seen through his youngest granddaughter's eyes, the film will paint an intimate portrait of the man known as the "Architect of the Golden State". Brown's character and spirit can provide an inspiring example for today's leaders.